Monday, May 09, 2011

Meet Hair Stylist Brooke Hunt And Her Newly Opened 'Bird House' On Court Street

Brooke Hunt has always been passionate about hair and for as long as she remembers, she has dreamt of opening her own salon, where she could pamper clients and make them look their best.
Her dream became a reality when she recently opened Bird House, her private hair studio at 490 Court Street at the corner of Luquer Street.

Brooke, a Minnesota native, who moved Carroll Gardens three years ago, is super friendly and clearly loves what she does. Running her own salon allows Brooke one-on-one time with her customers and gives her flexibility to give them extra attention. She welcomes clients with a cup of coffee in the morning and with a glass of wine in the afternoon, or "or vice versa if you are in the mood." When I stopped by on Friday afternoon, she was putting the finishing touches on a new haircut for client Blair, who was thrilled with the result.

So far, Brooke accepts appointments for women, men, and children on Thursday, Friday and Saturday and on some Sundays. Besides haircuts, the salon offers coloring and combination packages as well as deep conditioning treatments.

For those who wonder about the name of the salon, Brooke explains that it is an homage to her young daughter, whose nickname is Birdie.

Bird House
490 Court Street
(entrance on Luquer Street)
1 952 412 1457



Anonymous said...

reasonably priced...just curious why does a woman haircut always costing a little more than a man?

Tatyana said...

I got a cute short cut from Brooke on 4/29. I loved it the day I got it and still love it now. Plus, I'm getting compliments from people I don't even know. I found my new stylist right in Carroll Gardens!

Anonymous said...

"reasonably priced...just curious why does a woman haircut always costing a little more than a man?"

Are you kidding? With tips that makes it a ~$90 cut!!

A man goes for $20 all in, just 4 times less... yeah a "little more"...

Anonymous said...

A $90 cut? On her menu it says $50... How does that come out to $90?