Monday, May 09, 2011

'Milo's Garden' In Carroll Park Gets A Special Bird Bath

Simon and Laura Shippey with son Noah
Artist Adam Distenfeld with the new stone bird bath he sculpted for Milo's Garden
Installation of the bird bath



Noah in Milo's Garden

Over the last few years, Laura Shippey, one of the volunteers of Friends of Carroll Park, has turned the planting area at the corner of Carroll Street and Smith Street into a wonderful butterfly garden, filled with native plants. Recently, Laura has started the process of having this flower border of the park certified as a wildlife garden by the National Wildlife Federation.
One of the elements needed for the certification is a birdbath.
Laura turned to Brooklyn Sculptor Adam Distenfeld of Brooklyn Rockwerks. Adam takes slabs of gneiss dating from the glacial period, unearthed locally during excavations, and recycles them into beautiful pieces of art and water fountains.
On Thursday morning, Laura, her husband Simon and son Noah gathered in 'Milo's Garden' as Distenfeld carefully placed the new bird bath into place. Amidst the flowering irises, it looks lovely. I am sure everyone will enjoy the addition.
It is Laura's hope that the garden will become an oasis for the community.

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Session said...

What a fantastic article... I was lucky enough to be in Milo's garden not that long ago & look forward to visiting again soon. The bird-bath looks beautiful too, fitting.

Aubrey said...

It's such a lovely, peaceful place and the birdbath just makes it even more so. I look forward to bird watching!