Friday, May 13, 2011

A Moment In Time: Afternoon Drink

Late afternoon at Bar Tabac



Anonymous said...

How about you kids stay out of the bars and the adults will stay out of the sandboxes? Deal?

Katia said...

Too funny! I agree.

Tim said...

You know, coming from the UK where kids are frowned on whenever you walk in the door of such an establishment, I find it refreshing that they are welcomed into that environment. It may even go some way to explain the abscence of drunken, loutish behaviour in young adults here, all too common in the UK, I'm all for it.

Anonymous said...

Bar Tabac is a restaurant. I think it's sweet that a mom and son share an afterschool treat of frites.

BevD said...

Its not tasty to see any of these taverns, having families with babies, children hanging out with them. It just doesnt feel comfortable. Years ago, the taverns were behind doors- you would have your ale-chew some fat with friends-head on home.

Taverns are delightful today, that you can enjoy a drink of ale and a platter of yummies, a cup of coffe - chat or work on your laptop