Friday, May 13, 2011

Rats Overrun Site Of Illegal Demo On Smith

200 Smith Street in Fall of 2010




Back in December 2010, permits for a horizontal enlargement at the 3rd floor were issued by the NYC Department of Buildings at 200 Smith Street, a non-descript old house that had endured its fair share of remuddling over the last few decades. However, instead of building an addition, the entire house was taken down in a matter of days. The debris was carted away in dumpsters at night and by the time the D.o.B responded to several 311 calls, the lot was vacant. D.o.B. immediately issued a Stop Work Order. That, however, was fully rescinded on April 18th, though there are several Environmental Control Board (ECB) violation still open on this property, including one for the demo.

Since the demolition, local residents have had to deal with a rather nasty problems: rats. And lots of them. Since the empty lot sits right over the F/G subway line, the critters have crawled out of the subway tunnel en masse. It sure doesn't help that the building site has not fully been cleaned. Tons of debris was left behind.
Even more disturbing is the giant hole in the former building's foundation. One can look right into its basement. No wonder rats have taken over.
One area resident wrote into Pardon Me to tell me that the rodents "come out mostly on garbage nights and quickly scurry back under the scaffolding whenever someone walks by. But they are always there, and in numbers. The other night one ran over my girlfriends foot!" That is truly disgusting.

One wonders a) why the owner of the site has not had to secure it fully, and b) why he has not had to bait properly. Apparently, the city has not yet responded to several 311 calls made by nearby residents.

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knithound brooklyn said...

I sympathize with the neighbors in this situation. We've had a nasty rat problem in my immediate neighborhood since end of Feb., brought on by the City not picking up garbage for 2 months over the winter. Rats made a burrow in my next door neighbor's front yard and scurried everywhere, especially on the nights the garbage was put out. It's taken a huge effort and tons of calls and emails to 311 reporting the situation to get the neighbors to comply with requests to install new garbage cans, clean up garbage and hire exterminators. The entire effort has been nerve wracking and expensive. It's going to take effort from everyone within 500 feet of this mess to get rid of the rats. Good luck!

Jill said...

the rats are locally grown--what's the problem?

Anonymous said...

As a life-long CG resident (probably longer than you've been alive), I can honestly we NEVER had a rat problem, EVER. This is a recent phenomenon, and it's unacceptable, regardless of whether they're "locally grown" or not....

Anonymous said...

not again! area was overrun when they built over the garden by subway entrance at warren.
met food doesn't help - always spilled garbage after pickup.

Reason years ago didn't have rat problem is because we didn't have all those restuarants -- especially with eating outdoors(backyard/street).

jill said...

anon 4:30, relax, it's just a joke! i grew up in the neighborhood and have seen (large) rats. we're not far from the waterfront, you have to expect rats.