Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Vinzee's, Carroll Gardens' Newest Hamburger Joint, Finally Opens On Court Street





After a few delays, Vinzee's Magic Fountain at 412 Court Street on the corner of First Place, finally opened this past week-end. Much anticipated (and criticized for its name and white stucco fa├žade,) the eatery's opening coincided with filming of scenes from "Men In Black 3."
One reader wrote in to tell me: "Guess they thought it would be a good night for an opening, what with all the neighborhood out and about, gawping at the Hollywood-style action going on."
According to it's web site and Facebook page, the 'fast casual restaurant' offers an American-style menu made from "fresh ingredients provided by local distributors and our products are all eco-friendly." A few in the neighborhood tried it and reported back that the food was all right. One resident was disappointed that the place looked more like a fast food, take-out joint rather than a place to actually sit down for dinner.

Did you try it yet? How was it?

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Anonymous said...

What's the relationship between this Magic Fountain and the last Magic Fountain? If they are not related, it just seems weird. Why keep the name? It's not like the last Magic Fountain was a smashing success. I get the impression that everyone else is just going to roll their eyes at me for being such a noob.

Anonymous said...

I went last night to get ice cream but they only offer soft serve. The "Fountain" in their name led me to believe this was a soda fountain joint. Hope that changes.

Anonymous said...

Seems terribly expensive for the kind of food on their menu, and the prices are also really weird and random. I thought it might be a decent, quick place to pick up a bite on the way home ("fast food"), but at those prices I don't think I'll be trying them anytime too soon.

natalie said...

anon 5:16, we'll all roll our eyes at you for using the word noob.

Anonymous said...

so -- is that outdoor dining area legal in any way? That's city property, the gardens of Carroll Gardens, and I assume not for commercial use. And since it's city property, they at least need an outdoor cafe permit.

Katia said...

You would think they would need a sidewalk license. The city is still trying to figure out what to do about the commercial use of the city-owned courtyards.

It could take awhile....