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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

525 Court Street's Large Retail Space Now Available

Screen shot 2011-06-08 at 12.33.20 PM

The ground floor retail space at 525 Court Street, a new seven-story condo building between 9th Street and Garnet Street, is now for rent. The 4,487 square feet space is being marketed by CPEX for $30 a square foot per year. It is being advertised as perfect for a large medical practice, a day-care, school, gym, café, or grocery store. Don't hold your breath for a restaurant at this location, though. No on-site cooking is permitted.
What would you like to see here, folks?


Rob said...

At least they built retail space into the building unlike all the new stuff on Forth Ave.

BevD said...

Well i sure hope, something worthwhile will establish there.
We have too many gyms,spas,salons,restaurants. What we need is a necessity- to help the community? Something that would be an asset to young and the elderly. Price reasonable.

Anonymous said...

Good site for Whole Foods?