Monday, June 13, 2011

Five Guys Burger On Court Street Getting Closer To Opening


Since the last time I check in, work has been progressing nicely at the new Five Guys Burger and Fries at 266 Court Street. Construction seems near completion. The trademark red-and-white decor is up and the kitchen equipment has been put in place. The opening can't be far off now.
Five Guys will be joining a few new burger joints in the immediate neighborhood. Moo Burger will open just blocks away on Court Street. Two8Two on Atlantic Avenue and Vinzee's in Carroll Gardens just opened.
Do you think the hamburger craze will last long enough to keep all of these places in business?


Concetta said...

I know I'm not eating at any of these places--although I do wish them all luck!

Kristina :] said...

Too many! But Vinzee's is pretty good. Not bad for a frozen patty w/American cheese. (No other cheese available!?) If CG had a burger joint like Bonnie's in Park Slope that'd be much nicer... maybe Moo? I know nothing about that place.

Anonymous said...

They'll all move in and, six months later, all but two will close. The restaurant biz is tough (and, apparently, lacking in creativity).

Anonymous said...

are they trying to look like In and Out Burger? Why do "they" say no to Fast Food like McDonalds but allow this stuff? I mean, how many burger joints does one block need? Well.. looks better than Vinzee

Anonymous said...


Yes, frozen patty situation shows how lazy these people are.

Anonymous said...

Just a FYI, I have been to Vinzees 3 times since they opened and each and every time I've seen my burger made with fresh meat NOT frozen beef patties. I def taste the difference!