Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Izakaya, A New Japanese Tapas Place Opening On Smith Street


In Japan, izakaya is a type of drinking establishment which serves small food dishes akin to a Spanish tapas place. They are popular as after-work hang out places.
Soon, Smith Street is going to have its very own Izakaya. It is going to open at 176 Smith Street, between Warren and Wyckoff Streets.
The owner, who showed me the new space, told me that they will have a full sake bar as well as sushi, yakitori and noodle dishes.
Sounds great, right?


Anonymous said...

If done well, this will be the cat's pajamas. Particularly if they have reasonable markups. (fingers crossed)

Anonymous said...

Went there last night. My friend and I had a nice dining experience. They have an extensive menu, from small plates, yakitori, sushi, to large plates. Different than any other japanese places on smith street. Would highly recommend this place. I definitely will be back soon.

Katia said...

That's great to know. thanks for letting me and my readers know. Will try the place soon.

Anonymous said...

Ugh. Where do I begin?

As a Japanese expat, I love me some izakayas. So when I heard one was opening up within stumbling distance to my apartment, I very nearly wept with joy.

I really wanted to love this place, but considering the quality of food we were served, the markup is INSANE. It makes you wonder why this joint is twice as expensive as the other mediocre izakayas/yakitori-yas in Manhattan.

I'm more than willing to pay premium prices for premium quality food, but nothing we tasted merited a rating above "average".

Bottom line: the cost is comparable to Yakitori Totto in midtown, but the quality/taste/presentation level of food is nowhere near that of Totto.

Taisho on St. Marks has better quality eats for literally half the price.

Unfortunately (and with a heavy heart), I have to give it a thumbs down.

Anonymous said...

I went there with my BF last night, The food is excellent, the service was fabulous. definitely will be back !!! :)

Anonymous said...

I went there with my BF last night, The food is excellent, the service was fabulous. definitely will be back !!! :)

Lucy Johnson said...

This place was recommended to me by a friend who is OBSESSED with Japanese food and nearly exclusively flags Japanese restaurants to try. That being said, he knows his stuff, and this time he has not led me astray.

I went to Izakaya on a friday night, and there was a short wait. I suggest selecting either counter or table for speedy seating. I was with one friend, and we had the fabulous luck of scoring two seats in the corner of the bar.

We tried the wasabi dumplings (MY FAVORITE THING!!), the chicken meatball and pork belly BBQ skewers (tasty), deep fried oyster (good), and a delicious pork belly . Everything was delicious. Also, thanks to an overly friendly neighbor at the counter, we got to try the fake meat / Vegetarian Beef Teriyaki, which I will most definitely be ordering next time I go because it was so delicious.

This is will be one of my favorite place !!!