Monday, June 27, 2011

On My Way To My Small French Village

My tiny french village.
The house and my mother's linden tree that wait for me...

As many of you readers know, I steal away from Brooklyn for a few weeks in the summer, to slip into my French life in a teeny, tiny village in the Auvergne, where the grass is greener than anything you have ever seen, the landscape is dotted with ancient , majestic volcanoes and the sky above extends into infinity.
My family has owned an old 1866 stone house in this village for more than 40 years and we have returned there every year, even after we moved to the United States.

I would like to take you along on my journey back to this magical place, so far from Carroll Gardens. Won't you join me as I trade one life for another for just a little while? I'll update you often and will post many photos of my adventures.

So stay tuned and check back often.

Cheers, Katia


bien sur said...

Looking forward to taking my yearly vacation to your French retreat a la PMFA!

Anonymous said...

I did not know you owned a village.
I guess you and Glenn are doing OK.

Katia said...

That's funny. No, just a house in a small village, Silly.
But this village is part of me and people remember me when I was a child.

Mrs G said...

Greetings Katia,

I too look forward to my trip to the Auvergne via PMFA! Safe trip and I await your photographic treasures!!

Anonymous said...

You are 100% right about the green grass in France. I'm a bit jealous. Enjoy your time in your little village. Thanks for sharing your vacation.