Tuesday, July 05, 2011

News From The Auvergne

Auvergne 2011
Auvergne 2011
Auvergne 2011
Auvergne 2011

Dear Readers,
I am finally in the Auvergne, and as far removed from my life in Brooklyn as I could possibly be. Here, in a very, very tiny village, my family has owned an old stone farm house for decades. With few exceptions, we have returned to it every summer to spend a few weeks in the French countryside.
Since we arrived, the weather has been glorious. The first few days have been busy greeting our neighbors and connecting to our friends. There is so much catching up to do after one year of absence.
This being France of course, we spend a fair share of our time planning meals and talking about what bottle of wine to open. There is also the next game of p├ętanque to organize. At night, we sit around the fireplace and talk for hours.
The sunflowers are in full bloom, the wheat is ripening, the cows are grazing in the fields and life is good, my friends.

PS: Before you think that all we do is laze the day away, let me say that we have a few projects planned on the house...and we have started already. This year, we are finally going to plaster and paint the hallway and get rid of the last remaining hot pink which dates from the 1960's. I can't wait.



Katherine said...

Katia, your time in France is looking throughly wonderful. It sounds like an idyllic break from the city.

envy said...

OMG!!!What a heaven you are in now! That field of sunflowers looked surreal. I would love a description of a meal, and accompanying wine!!!

Katia said...

You can't imagine how quiet and relaxing it is here. Most of all, I love seeing how the clouds change in the wide sky overhead. We have witnessed amazing sunsets in the last few days. I always miss that when I am in New York.

Katia said...

Envy, don't get me started. We spend so much time talking about food and wine. Just yesterday, we had four incredible bottles that a family friend brought. We started with a bottle of pink Piper Heidsieck champagne, moved onto 11 year old Bordeaux and finished off with a Sauterne.
This morning, my head hurts.

Pam said...

I've typed and erased my comment a dozen times - nothing comes close to expressing how these photographs make me feel. I really am speechless.

Katia said...

Hi Pam, Thanks so much. More to come, so stay tuned....