Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Walk Through The Countryside



The sun was already high in the sky when my husband, daughter and I set off on a walk down from our hill into the village to buy bread at the bakery. Along paths blooming with poppies, past cows on green pastures, past the church we went. And on the way back, we stopped by my friend Marinette's farm to say hi to her, Puce and Zeta, the dogs, and the small bunnies in their cage.
Not a bad way to start the day, wouldn't you say?


David said...

Beautiful pictures. In Brooklyn news, you'll be happy to learn that the 2nd Place subway entrance finally opened on 7/1 and you missed an amazing Bastille Day on Smith Street last Sunday.

Katia said...

Thanks, David.
Yes, I heard about the subway entrance. A few readers sent me photos. Looks pretty spiffy. How is it working out?
I am bummed about having missed the Smith Street Bastille Day celebration, but for once, I will be in France to help celebrate....

M.M. said...

Idyllic. I love going on a walk with you, Katia - your pictures, and your descriptions. What a beautiful and rich life you have. (I'm not referring to monetary wealth - but enjoying simple pleasures.)

Katia said...

Hi MM,
The time I spend here in the countryside reminds me about all the things I can do without. We certainly clutter up our life with unnecessary stress and objects. I only wish I could take the calm and the simple life back to the big city when I return.