Sunday, August 28, 2011

9th Street And Smith Street Flooded. Gowanus Canal Water Level 3" Below 9th Street Bridge


These pictures of 9th Street and Smith Street were taken a few moments ago by friend Steven. He reports that the waters of the Gowanus are only 3 " below the 9th Street Bridge. Yikes!

If you witness any flooding in the neighborhood, please take photos and send them my way.I have received lots of emails from local residents who either had to evacuate or who are out of town and will be thankful for any info.


Ali said...


Thank you so much for posting!

Evacuated from Court & Hamilton--have you heard if the Gowanus has overflowed below 9th?

I'm meh about rainwater, but don't want that sludge in my house!

concetta said...

ooh, run for your lives! gimme a break already--mayor muppet shut down the city for nothing! my disabled mother is home alone because her aide doesn't have any mass transit. nyc is officially wussified.

Tim Read said...

To defend the mayor, I think his approach to a potential disaster was entirely apprpriate. All the information was for hurricane force winds and storm surges and rain leading to serious flooding. He's damned if he does, like now, and damned if he doesn't as with the 1st snowfall last winter. Give him a break and just be thankful for the lack of injuries and damage.

Anonymous said...

really? i think you're just a schmuck troll. just a matter of inches and it could have been horribly worse. take your head out of the sand and see what's going on in the areas just miles away from you. you know, new jersey, connecticut, the rest of long island. where thousand of people are being affected and having to move, stay out of their homes, and having their houses ruined. the north tube of the holland tunnel is closed due to flooding, and it didn't have to be much worse for others to flood.

but really, I am glad your sarcasm and crappy attitude is intact. as a lifelong, multi generational new yorker, i detest you. and if you've been here as long as i have, maybe it's time you leave. count your blessings that your mom is safe and her aide's safety wasn't put in danger.

E. Frank said...

@concetta this is not a matter of a city being "wussified" because they took precautions. People from as far away as Europe were calling me to make sure I was alright. This was a very dangerous force of nature that you just damn well take seriously. There was ample notification that the transit system would be shut down. Why didn't you make alternate arrangements for your disabled mother, like go there when it was possible, or have her come to you? I'm surprised you allowed your mom to be alone and vulnerable, quite frankly. You sound like a callous cuss.

concetta said...

anon 11:15am, you are full of it! my 'people' have been right here in this neighborhood a very long time & never needed to have the city shut down. you sound so hostile, perhaps it's time you leave. you don't sound like an old timer.

Katia said...

Hi Everyone,
Lets not let this deteriorate into one of those annoying "I was here first conversation", shall we?

Anonymous said...

When you heard that the MTA would not be running, why didn't you make other arrangements for your mother so that she would not have been alone - through the storm, and after? I think Bloomberg gave plenty of advance notice.