Wednesday, August 24, 2011

After "Respectfully" Disagreeing With Health Department C Rating, Cobble Hill Coffee Shop Finally Gets An "A"

Back in May, Cobble Hill Coffee Shop owners were just a bit disgruntled when the New York City Health Department gave the eatery at 314 Court Street a sanitation inspection grade of C. The owners voiced their dissatisfaction openly by taping a note in their window stating that they "respectfully disagreed with the letter grade issued by the Department Of Health" but that the establishment was committed to "correcting each issue raised."
Well, as one of my readers pointed out, just in the last few days, the Cobble Hill Coffee Shop has proudly displays its new A rating in its window.
That's good news. The coffee shop is a real neighborhood fixture.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah! I love that place they deserve an A!

John said...

Even the C rating didn't stop me from eating there. That chicken soup is ridiculously good and the owners are always super friendly.

Glad they got the A though.

natty said...

funny how my side order of bacon (great at a 'c' rating) now s**ks!