Monday, August 22, 2011

"Improving, Non-Stop":Culver Viaduct Rehabilitation Includes Weeding

The MTA New York Transit Authority has been making steady progress on the restoration and upgrade work of the F and G Culver line viaduct between the Carroll Street Station and the 4th Avenue Station.
Along Smith Street, the black Christo-like wrapping, which has kept chunks of cement from falling from the crumbling 80-year old structure for years, is slowly being removed as crews are busy repairing.
The projected completion date for this $320.2 million undertaking is the second quarter of 2013 and will not only include the "structurally sound, more attractive viaduct," but also new state of the art signal system and low vibrating rails.

And look, a few days ago, workers were even weeding and cleaning up the sidewalk underneath the Culver viaduct. It looks more attractive already, I'd say.


Anonymous said...

UGH. This is going to be wonderful and I'm thrilled, especially considering I live right next door to the viaduct... but the noise is SO LOUD. The idea of opening my windows is a joke. Can't wait for this to be completed... just wish they could snap their fingers and have it be done!

Katia said...

I can well imagine the noise. Sorry you have to deal with it.
Does anyone know how long the black wrapping has been on the structure? I would say about 15 years, but that seems too long.