Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Big Surprise Win At The Village's Pétanque Tournament This Year


After much anticipation, the day of the yearly Pétanque Tournament in our little Auvergnat village had finally arrived again. At exactly two o'clock, Monsieur Pardon Me and our neighbors and his teammates, Mr. J and Mr. M, grabbed their boules and headed down to the pétanque court, near the village's church.

They were the first "triplet" to arrive, so they had time to warm up with a few practice shots. Slowly, the other teams started to arrive. As the players sized each other up, the spectators took their places around the court or around the "buvette" were one could purchase a glass of rosé, beer or a can of soft drinks.

Then the tournament officially started. Mr. Pardon Me and his partners won their first game, lost the second one, and won the third, managing to qualify for the final in which they faced one of the best teams in the village.

To everyone's surprise, Monsieur Pardon Me and his partners played so well in this last game, that they ended up winning the entire tournament.

They were presented with a bottle of champagne and a trophy and the winners quickly bought the losers a drink at the buvette. There didn't seem to be any hard feelings.

Next year, the "trio fabuleux" will have to defend its title. It won't be easy. But I am looking forward to it already.


Mr. Pardon Me with the trophy. Can you tell he was stoked?

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