Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Paris, London, Brooklyn...In One Day

My Brooklyn back yard after six weeks of neglect

Dear Readers,
My six week stay in my family's house in France having come to an end, I flew back home yesterday afternoon. My husband and I left Paris early in the morning on Tuesday, stopped over in London, and continued on to the States. We arrived at Kennedy Airport to monsoon rains and dreadful humidity. Ah, the joys of summer in the city. I had almost forgotten what it feels like.
After a good night's sleep and a welcome home hug from both of my kids and my wonderful neighbors D. and T., I feel less jet-lagged this morning and ready to slip back into my life here. The fact that the sun is shining and that the temperature has cooled a bit make re-entry easier today.
My suitcase is already unpacked, the washing machine is going and I have managed to open most of my mail. Now for the bill paying and weeding of the garden. But that can wait as I pour myself another cup of coffee and catch up on today's global and local news.

Please give me a few days to settle back in. I promise Pardon Me For Asking will be reporting Carroll Gardens news in just a few days, so please check back. If you have any tips, please don't hesitate to email me.

Though I am still sad that I had to leave France behind, I have missed Carroll Gardens and all you wonderful readers.


Anonymous said...

I thoroughly enjoyed visiting France with you through your blog, but I will be so glad to see you in your garden right here in Brooklyn. Welcome Home.

Katia said...

Thanks, Anon.
You will be seeing me working away in my little garden soon. It needs weeding desperately. Luckily, it looks as though most of the plants survived the brutal heat.
Thank goodness for soaker hoses and timers.

Grace said...

I'm away from Brooklyn and look forward to catching up with it through your eyes. Sorry that your time in France went by so quickly. From your pictures, it's understandable a large part of your heart is there Loved the old photos (the one with Balthazar is a hoot!).