Monday, September 26, 2011

Best Comment Of The Day: From Joey...Also From Henry Street

Joey - also from Henry Street has left the following comment on the post ""Go Sit On Your Own Stoop!": John Khoury's Stories Of Growing Up In Brooklyn In The 1970s":

Hey Anonymous,
In 10 minutes, I can call at least 25 people who will not only vouch for every recollection and personality recounted in John's book, we can introduce you to them!
You can wonder all you want, but John John's "memoir" is spot on in almost every detail of the life we experienced growing up during the 1970's on Henry Street - in South Brooklyn.
One day in 1973, in Carroll Park, playing on the see-saws, when Carroll Park had see-saws (and kick-ass monkey bars!), I broke my leg. With no adults around, my brother and best friend Mario, practically dragged me to Long Island College Hospital. I was 8. I didn't call my parents because I thought I'd get in trouble. It was indeed a different time.
We would spin tops, play fist, stoop ball- when a rare open parking spot permited it- skelly and ring-a-levio in the streets to keep us busy. I still own a pimple ball!
As John mentioned, it wasn't Disneyland, but we didn't know any better. Looking back, we wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

Katia, thanks for allowing John the opportunity to tell his story. He captures that period of time perfectly and I am happy he put it out there.
I only wish he would have mentioned how Nicky Neck would spit at you though the hole in his throat when we ranked on him.
Ahh, good times!

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