Friday, September 23, 2011

It Doesn't Take a Hurricane To Cause Flooding In Gowanus Area

Gowanus Rain 9-23-11 A
Gowanus Rain 9-23-11 C
Gowanus Rain 9-23-11 B
Gowanus Rain 9-23-11 D
Proposed Whole Foods Store on Third Street, just feet away from this intersection.
This is what Third Street looked like this afternoon after about 2" of rain. A Gowanus resident sent me these photos taken at the Third Street Bridge, just feet away from where Whole Foods is planning to building its Gowanus store.
The resident writes:
It doesn't take a hurricane to flood things around here. Traffic is backed up on Third Street as cars try to "navigate" the lakes on the street. The lake on the east side of the bridge formed before the one on the west side. This is the same street that Whole Foods wants to add significant additional car trips per day to while at the same time adding to the flooding problems in the area.

Good point. And may I just add that Third Street is this neighborhood's Hurricane Coastal Evacuation route to Park Slope? What a joke!

At least Community Board 6 will be following up with the Office of Emergency Management to ask that traffic be re-routing to Smith Street in case of flooding. Can you imagine what traffic mess that will create in an evacuation?

Screen shot 2011-09-23 at 4.00.43 PM
From CB6's The Sixth Sense


Chicken Underwear said...

Is that canal water or rain water?

BTW, my verification word is "exess". kinda poetic

Anonymous said...

It is a little disingenuous to say that Whole Foods is feet away from the site. It is on the other side of the canal, which, hydrological(ly) speaking is completely different, with different drainage patterns and elevations.

That is not to say that the Park Slope/Gowanus side of the canal doesn't have its own drainage issues (4th ave after Irene, anyone?), but an unknowledgable reader might see this and think that Whole Foods is going in at this exact location or that this flooding might directly affect Whole Foods.

Katia said...

The flooding happens on both sides of the bridge, both sides of the canal.
look at the photos of flooding on 4th Avenue this afternoon over at FIPS. Scroll all the way to the end of post for photos.

Anonymous said...

I like the design of whole foods facility. Very old euro warehouse and looks like the area. Is that parking lot really that huge??
I'll never shop here, anyway.
have fun.