Friday, September 23, 2011

Prost! New South Tyrolian Tavern "Buschenschank" To Open Soon On Court

The former OTB office at 320 Court Street at Sackett has been empty for quite a few years now. A while back, a French oyster bistro called appropriately "Huitre" was to be occupy the space, but that never happened.
Just recently however, work behind the construction fence has resumed, and at the end of the month, Buschenschank, a South Tyrolian inspired tavern will be opening in the space. It's the latest venture of restaurateur James McGown, already known in the neighborhood for his South Brooklyn Pizzeria at 451 Court Street. Along with Italian/German wines and beer from that region, Buschenschank will be serving stick-to-the-ribs German specialties like Knödels, Wurst and Schinken.
And, according to The Village Voice, weekly music events will focus on German rock and pop bands.

Na dann, liebe Brooklyner, Prost!


fred said...

I do not want to re-open old-times conflicts but South Tyrol is the Italian Alto Adige, no? ;-)
Hope they will offer some speck along with their wine! Welcome to them.

Anonymous said...

Why oh why when when anything remotely Deutschland opens the logo is comprised of that old typeface, Brietkopf Fraktur, widely used by the Third Reich???
Love German foods but it will probably be Boarshead garbage.
Not too keen on the music venue. Haven't the neighbors suffered enough with that empty hole across the street? The noise is already a problem before it even happens. And even the way that flag is hung. Does anyone know of Munich??

Anonymous said...

My wife and I live across the street and while we are looking forward to trying the food we are a little wary of a "live music" venue being about 40 feet from our bedroom window. With the bus idling there at the corner and whatnot its already pretty loud.

Katia said...

I can certainly understand your concern. It is a large venue and will probably attract many. It will get loud, I am sure, especially since bars can stay open till 4 Am in the morning. The biggest annoyance are the people who step out to have a cigarette at 3 AM and talk at the top of their ling.
Please let me know how its going once the place opens.

svanes said...

have to second what anonymous said... every time a german tavern or beer hall opens - loreley excepted - they use a font type that evokes powerfully negative memories - to my german friends as well. i remember taking two berliners to radegast bier hall - not for beer - but to show them what americans have made of german culture. mild amusement with a bit of horror was the reaction. why the font type? it's not like germans have a nostalgia for it.

as a dane, it's hard to stomach the proliferation of all things bavarian - which is then conflated with all things german and then accompanied by this kind of strangely blissful ignorance.

i love german cuisine and i'm no stranger to german beer, but, now that this tavern has moved into my neighborhood (two blocks from me) - i'm a bit reluctant to embrace the crowds of drunk revelers. i don't think we'll find many germans there - though i look forward to your reaction, katia.

maybe the owners will try to keep the crowds in cheque. it seems like bar great harry and the jakewalk do a decent job of that, for example, but i might be wrong there.

let's hope for the best.