Thursday, October 06, 2011

EPA Provides Easier-To-Understand Info To Area Residents About Risks Associated With Gowanus Canal


Screen shot 2011-10-05 at 6.26.19 PM
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The Environmental Protection Agency has just released a simple-to-understand document for area residents on the risks associated with the Gowanus Canal. (see above)
The double-sided brochure provides "advice about different pathways of exposure, using the familiar green-yellow-red color coding scheme to add clarity to the message." It provides the community with easier to understand information about what to do and not do with respect to potential exposure of Canal-related contaminants."
When the EPA presented the Remedial Investigation on the Gowanus Canal this past spring, area residents had asked the EPA for "plain language" advice about what to do and not do with respect to potential exposure of Canal-related contamination.

Walking along the canal is all right, swimming in it, not such a good idea.


Anonymous said...

Here we go again.

The fish and crabs in the canal are not ingesting contaminants from canal sediment because nothing grows on the bottom so there’s nothing for fish to eat. Contamination is entering their system when they depart Gowanus to dine on foliage elsewhere in the NY-NJ estuary.

The EPA has no issue with us catching crabs and fish in Red Hook and feeding them to children? This is stupid!

Anonymous said...

I think long-time residents of CG really didn't need the EPA to make these pronouncements about toxicity and what is safe or not safe to do in or around the canal. For us old timers, it's just plain common sense...stay out of the canal.