Friday, October 28, 2011

The Lady Turns 125!

Happy birthday to the Statue of Liberty.  She is 125 years old today.  When I came to this country in 1975, I remember being disappointed that she was not the first thing  I saw when the plane landed. 
I can only imagine the emotion felt by those immigrants who came by boat and glimpsed her in the harbor.


Margaret said...

I came by immigrant boat to from Holland to America and I can still remember the exuberance and excitement on board as we passed the Statue. I was too young then to know what it stood for and meant. I have since also gained a tremendous respect for the courage it takes to make a new life in a new country. I still get a chill when I see the Statue - she looks beautiful in the harbor and enrichens what this country is, stands for, could be. Happy Birthday Lady Liberty. She's a Scorpio!!!xoxo

Anonymous said...

I wave to her from the F train every time I ride it. She sure is a beauty. Kathleen