Monday, October 31, 2011

Greeting From South Carolina

Hi, dear Readers!
Am spending the week at the beach in South Carolina.  Mercifully, I missed the freak snow storm in Brooklyn this past week-end. The weather is still pretty mild here by the ocean and we had a great cloudless day yesterday.  Today, less luck.  Its gray and windy and the ocean is churning.
No complaints, though.  I am always happy to be here.
Stay tuned for more photos and for some Brooklyn news I have wanted to post before I left, but didn't have time to put up.
And of course, Happy Halloween to y'all


Anonymous said...

Seems like you got out in the nick of time! Have a great week.

Katia said...

Sure did, though on Saturday, we were driving through quite a bit of rain all the way until we got to North Carolina.
It's a bit cool here too. About 55 degrees.