Friday, November 11, 2011

Does 360 Smith Street Have A Leakage Problem Already?

If you are the lucky renter who lives in the penthouse of the brand new 360 Smith Street building at the intersection of Second Place, you have spectacular 360 degree views of the surrounding neighborhood. But you may also have a bit of a leakage problem.
For the last few days, workers have been busy digging out and repairing a section of the fa├žade over a window on the 7th floor.
And its not the first time crews have had to come back according to neighbors.  "Every time after a heavy rain, they have to do more work on that place" one of them told me yesterday.  Someone else saw workers re-plastering the ceiling in one of the top units.
How terribly annoying for the residents, especially given the exorbitant rents in that building.
Does anyone know someone who lives there?


Anonymous said...

No surprises here...;-)

Anonymous said...

yikes! a brand new building, too. They don;t make 'em like they used to. Not only ugly, but careless workmanship!

Anonymous said...

Is it true that a Momofuku is moving into the retail space?!

Katia said...

Hadn't heard about that.