Monday, December 05, 2011

Best Comment Of The Day: Creating Temporary Jobs

Anonymous has left the following comment on the post "Eva Moskowitz Hiring People To Get Signatures For Petition For Her Cobble Hill Success Academy": 
"Eva Moskowitz can certainly create a lot of extremely temporary jobs with her nearly two million dollar advertising budget. Alas, there is not much petition signatures can do if it turns out there is a violation of the charter law.
Every person who runs into one of these signature collectors should ask where the fifth graders are going to attend school. 
Sadly, I predict this will pass at the PEP meeting which is stacked with Bloomberg minions with the exception of perhaps one or two. It is Deputy Chancellor Marc Sternberg's job to close and co-locate schools. Everyone should Google "Marc Sternberg drinking" *** 
which will show just how little concern he and his DOE colleagues have for the students they purport to serve.
The DOE changed the PEP meeting location to Queens. There are school closures/co-locations on the agenda for the Bronx, Manhattan, and Brooklyn. They should find a location that is more convenient for the people that are most impacted by the agenda." 


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Anonymous said...

In the comments section of the Gotham Schools link someone posted a You Tube video of a squirmy Marc Sternberg at the Tribeca Tavern happy hour.

Any parent who is considering sending their child to this charger school better have a back up plan Success Charter does counsel out and once that happens maybe paying for private school (if the kid can make the cut and there is room) or PS 38 might not be looking so bad.