Wednesday, January 11, 2012

After More Than Five Years, 'Remuddling' of 132 Second Place Almost Complete

132 Second Place as it looked back in 2008
In early 2011, after the stoop was removed
Existing iron fence being replaced by cinderblock wall in May 2011
132 Second Place just last week with new cement scratch coat on façade
Extension on back of building
Construction at 132 Second Place, between Smith and Court Streets, has been going on for such a long time now, that it seemed it would go on forever.  However, after a few months of steady work, it appears that sometimes soon, this condo conversion may finally be completed.
It all started in 2005, when the home was sold for $1,850,000 to Mohegan Holdings, Co. LLC. 
Shorty afterwards, work began on a vertical and horizontal addition.  That's when things quickly turned into a comedy of errors.  First, the NYC Department of Buildings issued a violation for demolition work done  'without proper permits'. Then, after proper permits were filed in the fall of 2006, the back wall collapsed into the neighbor's back yard. Construction stopped and the windows were bricked up. The building languished in limbo for the next few years. 
In 2007, the deed to the property was transferred from the Mohegan Holding Company, LLC to a Henry Azcue for $1,825,000. New work permits were issued by the NYC Department of Buildings in 2008 and  work finally resumed.  But not for long.  
It wasn't until the spring of 2011 that construction seemed to finally move along.
A fifth floor was added, the rear extension was completed, and a new cement scratch coat was applied to the façade (which hopefully, will be followed by a layer of brown cement shortly.)  
Unfortunately, the old brownstone lost its stoop in the process and an unsightly cinderblock fence now replaces the original iron fence.

One can't argue that the original brownstone was one of Carroll Garden's grandest homes before this 'remuddle' started.  It had lost its cornice long ago, but this hundred year old building still had some wonderful detail on its façade.
What replaces it is devoid of any character or charm.  How very sad.
What's your opinion?


fred said...

It's an eyesore.

Anonymous said...

The rear facade looks like warehouse.

Michael Brown said...

This is what happens when the Place blocks aren't landmarked...but then again, even landmarking doesn't do away with construction issues or delays.

That being said, there are beautiful buildings all around the neighborhood with no stoops.

jackie from designsmitten said...

so are they going to replace the stoop or do one of those awful stoopless brownstones that still have a door looking thing there.

Anonymous said...

absolutely disheartening....That should never have been allowed... They constantly do that type of crap in bay ridge, ripping down classic homes and replacing them with eye sours. Destroys the essence of the neighborhood...booooooooo

Anonymous said...


Jack Da Brat said...

I have seen this type of remodeling thruout the city & it a shame. the city is losing it's charm & character to what is called progress. I just call it plain ole GREED. To the new designers of this building-- you just have NO originality.

Anonymous said...

Messy and ugly.

Anonymous said...

Now it's a typical crap Manhattan style building without the stoop. Very ugly and sad looking. The irony is that people move to this area for buildings with charm, and this developer doesn't get that. I'm sure they will sell regardless.

Anonymous said...


jackie from designsmitten said...

sorry i spoke too least they've incorporated a proper ground level front door entrance into this...and didnt go the route of just putting a window into the previous entrance at the top of the former stoop...and have reshaped it to match the rest of the windows.

eiise said...

I can't believe they were able/allowed to make such a big extension in the back - kind of ruins things for the neighbors - light, air, looking at a brick wall that's ugly and cold. Is all of CG vulnerable in that way? Makes you hate opportunism. My word verification is exess - can you believe?

Anonymous said...

Yes, building hulking extensions is becoming very popular in CG. Aside from the brick wall, light & air issue, it more importantly robs its neighbors of privacy. It happened next door to I feel like I'm sitting in a fishbowl when I'm in my backyard. Neighbors look down on my yard from their thrones on their deck.

Anonymous said...

Yes, that's an eyesore but some people just don't want any kind of change as evidenced by the comment re the deck. It's entirely probable that the neighbors on the deck are not looking down on you and have no interest in what you are doing. Some people had gotten used to elderly neighbors who were never visible and just can't adapt.

BevD said...

Landmarking -loser. Brownstones are quaint n beautuful. When walking along Four places do you see a row of landmarked homes. Each home is very different. Very few have their original facade or beautiful iron gates,rails or decor. Many buildings are patched or are brick or have been painted. This does not appeal as landmark properties. We as a community voted for downzoning to prevent new as well as homeowner buyers to not exceed the level of 5 story level.

Anonymous said...

I agree. But to be fair, the original building seems to have been ruined long ago. The original fence is not original. The replacement resembles original fence more. Let's wait and see the finished package. Maybe it will look nice. Maybe.