Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Big Movies For Little Kids' 2012 Winter/Spring Screening Schedule

2012 Winter_Spring schedule
What fun! Big Movies For Little Kids has just released its 2012 Winter/Spring Calendar. The season premieres on Monday, January 23rd at 4 PM at Cobble Hill Cinemas with a screening of the 1970 classic animation THE PHANTOM TOLLBOOTH, based on Norton Juster's classic children's book.
The screenings continue with:
*Balto:  Monday, February 13th, 4pm, at Cobble Hill Cinemas
Buster Keaton Shorts: Monday, February 27th, 4pm, at Cobble Hill Cinemas
Pippi Longstocking: Monday, March 12th, 4pm, at Cobble Hill Cinemas
Puss In Boots (1988): Monday, March 16th, 4pm at Cobble Hill Cinema
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang: Monday, April 23rd, 4pm, at Cobble Hill Cinemas
Barbapapa: Monday, May 7th, 4pm, at Cobble Hill Cinemas
Shaun The Sheep: Monday, May 21st, 4pm, at Cobble Hill Cinemas

Big Movies will also be hosting their 2nd Annual Student Film Festival in June.  
Click here for further information on rules and application.


Jackson said...

I have a problem with Cobble Hill Cinemas - primarily with the owner, Harvey. The reason that Cobble Hill Cinemas is able to charge less for their tickets is because they pay all of their employees, except for the owner's two sons, minimum wage. Minimum wage is any owner's way of saying "If I could pay you less, I would".

In California, I think it was, the minimum wage is now $10.00 an hour. New York's hovers around 7.35 or maybe 7.75 now. Guess what Cobble Hill pays? Exactly. People in New York City, in Brooklyn, cannot survive on minimum wage - it's exploitative and cruel.

Harvey, the owner, poses as a small, indie guy, but he's not. He has amassed a small fortune at Cobble Hill and does not properly reward his employees - also, he has not made any significant renovations at the cinema in a long, long time. Skip it.

Anonymous said...

Jackson, you shouldn't expect to make a living doing a job that the average high school kid can do.