Friday, January 27, 2012

'Burger On Smith' Opens In Former Faan Space On Smith Street

Burger on Smith at 209 Smith Street just opened its doors a few days ago in the space once occupied by Faan, one of the first Asian-Fusion eateries on Restaurant Row. 
The menu features a selection of  burgers, wings, fries and shakes, but as Kyle Huebbe and Blessing Schuman-Strange, the culinary team behind this new farm-to-table eatery, will point out the food is "New American, but elevated."  The burgers are made from grass-fed beef, ground daily and supplied by a local butcher.
The selection includes the 'Friday Night', which is topped with fried egg, caramelized onions, oven roasted tomato, arugula, truffle vinaigrette.  There's also the "Left Coast",  topped with gruyere cheese, avocado, oven roasted tomato, arugula and garlic aioli. 
For lighter options, there are turkey, lamb, chicken and trout burgers, and for vegetarians, the menu includes a nut-vegetable-quinoa burger.
Don't see what you want?  You can create your very own, by choosing from various toppings.
Kyle Huebbe, a Ditmas Park resident obviously knows a thing or two about food and burgers. He is a former short-order cook with stints at restaurants like Picket Fence.  In 2009, he beat out four other contestants to win Brooklyn Paper's first Burger Bash contest..
Blessing Schuman-Strange, a Brooklyn native, who moved to California five years ago, just came back East to help his best friend Huebbe with Burger on Smith.  "My background is more in fine dining" he told me.  "Mine is in burgers and wings" chimed in Huebbe.
Sounds like a perfect team.  
Good luck, guys!

Burger on Smith
209 Smith Street
718 694 2277


Anonymous said...

Finally another burger option! 5 Guys, Shake Shack, Jake's Wayback, Smash Burger, Moo Burger, 282 Burger, Dubuque, Henry Public, Prime Meats, and multiple bars on Smith/Court is just not enough variety for burgers. I am glad these guys from somewhere else stepped in and gave the neighborhood what it needs.

Anonymous said...

Well said, anonymous. I don't mean these fellas any harm but, the amount of meat focused restaurants in our area is nothing short of PERVERSE. Farm to table, grass-fed, it's still dead animals and our neighborhood is full of them. Just as cancer rates and obesity soars, we get more options to kill ourselves and make ourselves sick Paula Deen style. ENOUGH.

Little Earthquake said...

Anon, I agree with you that burger joints are way too ubiquitous right now. Burgers are the new sushi apparently. And can we please place a moratorium on the term "farm-to-table"? That means nothing if a butcher forgets to clean his grinder or the cow happens to be wallowing in feces. (Not saying that's the case, just that it's a hollow term.)

I do dig the monkey chandeliers - the place has an interesting look.

I wonder if anyone will ever re-open Bar Below?

Anonymous said...

And I thought burger joints were on the way out.

Anonymous said...

Where can I go in the afternoon for a salad in this neighborhood that doesn't have fried chicken or something bad n it? I love burgers- but thats it for the hood.

JAA said...

Nothing like an anonymous vegetarian stereotype to liven up a thread. It's really a shame how the vegetarian paradise that used to be South Brooklyn has been wrecked by the influx of new carnivores. Wait, what?

I confess I love a good burger, but I'm even cocking an eyebrow at the influx of burger joints in the neighborhood these past few years. I'd love to see some of the better ones survive, but the gimmickiness of the concept plus the heavy hitters in Shake Shack and Five Guys make me think a lot of these places won't make it for the long haul. Ah well, at least the space will be ready for the next trend.

Anonymous said...

I worry there was no soft opening. I hope they only buy and store a small amount of meats until people actually show up. Meat or no meat there are way too many hamburger joints within blocks of... All the eyewear stores! Hah. I guess well will need those glasses to read the prices of a burger here! But after spending 200 on a pair of Moscot I'll go for a granola bar.

tony said...

we need a fish place!

Anonymous said...

Quantity does not equate to quality! Clearly, there are many burger options in the neighborhood -- but how many of them are that interesting, particularly as a destination? I ended up at Burgersmith's soft opening through a friend of a friend, and the food was fantastic. I think that this newbie will have legs. Great beer list and app options, and an inviting space (evening at Smash Burger, anyone?), to boot. Interested to try the wings next time, I am optimistic.

Anonymous said...

The place looks like Scores. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Remember that burger place in the old Chicory space on Kane? Yea, me neither. Speaking of which...Anyone wonder how Viznee's on Court Street pays the rent for that huge space? Never been in there when there's been anyone but myself and the cook in the whole place.

Anonymous said...

The vinzee people own the entire building I think.

Timothy Reed said...

So many burger-specific places is, pardon the localvore pun, not sustainable, so for better or worse the number will be reduced eventually.

For an alternative, I can recommend a great fish place a few blocks away from these places: Petite Crevette on Hicks. Worth the walk.