Thursday, January 26, 2012

P.J. Hanley's Sanitation Inspection Grade Not Quite So Pending

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One of my readers recently pointed out to me that P.J. Hanley's at 449 Court Street at the corner of 4th Street, has been displaying a sign in its window indicating that its Sanitation Inspection Grade from the New York City Department Of Health was 'pending'.  
The sign, according to the reader has been there for quite some time, although the Health Department has issued the bar/restaurant a C grade in August 2011, when Hanley's earned 33 violation points during an inspection.  A re-inspection on January 4, 2012 did not improve matters.  It was still issued 32 violation points for, amongst other things, adulterated, contaminated raw and cooked meat, as well as evidence of mice and filth flies.
Just a few days ago, someone else sent me a photo taken of a make-shift open fire pit, which had been assembled on the sidewalk last week-end right in front of Hanley's.  (When I walked by two days ago, it was disassembled and stored in the side courtyard.)  
Besides pointing out the obvious health and fire hazard, the reader wrote: "I can't for the life of me understand why this community puts up with their flagrant abuse of the law."


Anonymous said...

Look, I don't patronize any of his restaurants because he's done some bad, bad things (such as lie about health grades, not surprising at all), but, really? A reader is whining about roasting a pig one time? Thats the sort of fun thing I would WANT to see if it were at any other restaurant.

Anonymous said...

Everyone come on down to Brooklyn Buschenschank. They've got themselves an A. For now. . .

Anonymous said...

As "evidence of filth and flies". By that I'm assuming you mean the patrons, right?

BTW, this place is totally mobbed up- You may want to take that into consideration reporting this stuff.

Anonymous said...

I second anonymous, 210 pm. The food is garbage there, whether rated A or C. But get over yourself with the pig roast, no one's making you eat the damn thing.

concetta said...

so the place is 'mobbed up'--if you don't like it, don't go there!

Beth L. said...

Monkey see, monkey, know the rest. The mob is who they are because there is a long legacy of corrupt governing, which is why the Cosa Nostra emerged in Sicily - originally to protect people from rancid cops and bureaucrats/crooks posing as leaders. Which, uh, continues unabated. Instead of pointing the finger at the legacy of crime, why not look higher - and ask why we still have Brad Lander, Joan Millman, Vito Lopez, Markowitz, Bill DeBlasio the Opportunist, Bloomberg the heartless billionaire, the banking cartel, terrible government services that are precarious and fragile, and a citizenry that is getting dumber by the hour. All of our efforts should be directed toward building a stronger foundation, a temple of beauty. Crime is a symptom and that is all.

Anonymous said...

YAWN. As another reader summed up, this is not exactly my type of place... But I do patronize from time to time and a pig roast on the sidewalk is just a touch of excitement NYC is losing slowly but surely. Not to mention if you think the letter-grade system isn't just a form of legal extortion by the city of NY to drum up revenue, then you are more far gone than I thought. I like NYC safe like anyone... but sometimes I think were throwing away the baby with the bathwater.

Also, publisher I speak universally. Not a personal attack.

Carroll Gardens - 6 generations and counting said...

Hanley's has changed hands a few times - and just isn't as clean or as nice as it used to be.

Meanwhile friends, if it WERE 'mobbed-up' it wouldn't have gotten the "C" in the 1st place. Anyone ever wonder how the Gowanus Yacht Club gets an "A" and it doesn't even have its own bathroom?