Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bococa's Café on Court Street Bids Farewell

"Bococa's lease has finished" reads the simple announcement on the door of this small café at 195 Court Street.  Its doors had been closed for the last few weeks, but the handwritten note only appeared a couple of days ago. The large "Store For Lease" sign from Cpex, on the other hand, has hung above the storefront for a while now.
As I peeked into the place, a man sitting on the bench in front of the defunct café said: "The landlord wouldn't renew the lease."
Cpex's listing for the retail space reads: Opportunity to expand commercial space up to 1,500SF or a 1,200SF backyard for outdoor seating.
The Triple Net Lease is $5,900 per month. 
Bococa, according to another sign in the window, had been operating in this space since 2005. Before that time, it was 'Mazzola Bakery and Café', which was affiliated with the bakery at 192 Union Street, at the corner of Henry Street in Carroll Gardens.


JAA said...

It's a shame to see a local business go, but I have to confess that I always had a chip on my shoulder over the name of that place.

Katia said...

Don't blame you. Every time I hear our neighborhood(s) referred to by that name I cringe.
We should have a renaming competition. What do you think?

jenny said...

Sad to see the place go. The place was reasonable and the owner was always friendly. It was a great place to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee.

Anonymous said...

What is that grammar on the sign??
sigh. Still a shame. I hate Bococca also. Time for that to finish.

Anonymous said...

The name has always bothered me, but I loved the group of older ladies from the neighborhood who had coffee there every day and would wave to me as I walked by. I hope they find a new spot! I think Pedlar is a little too trendy for them.