Monday, January 23, 2012

The End Of Raccuglia Funeral Home's Neon Sign?

Just on Friday, I posted photos of  the transformation of Raccuglia's Funeral Home.  Over the last few weeks, the1960's stucco façade has been removed, revealing some of the old brick.
One small section remained last week, along with part of the neon sign over the front entrance on Sackett.  
Friend and reader Mary just passed along the photos below of the sign, which now has been removed.  She writes:  "Hopefully, not headed to the dump."
One can only hope, but somehow, I am afraid that's its fate.  
photo 3-1
photo 2
photo 1


Anonymous said...

Went to this Funeral Parlor this past week. Did not even recognize it without the scaffolding.

Anonymous said...

walked by again. No sign of the sign. :(