Monday, January 23, 2012

Meet Carroll Gardener Robert Farrell, Residential Architect And Interior Decorator

Residential architect and interior designer Robert Farrell
A recently completed project in Carroll Gardens designed by Robert Farrell
(interior photos by Max Kelly Photography)

How does one renovate an 1800's  brownstone without compromising its architecture?  For  residential architect and interior designer Robert Farrell, that means respecting it's history and charm while adapting its layout to modern living.  "The history of a building is always important to me. Sometimes, it is a way in to tell me what to do."
I recently met Farrell for a cup of coffee at Canteen to talk about his Carroll Gardens design firm, Robert B. Farrell, LTD., his design philosophy and how he helps his clients with this unique challenge.
"Most people who buy a Brooklyn brownstone have a certain sensibility," he explained " but they tend to forget that these brownstones were built during a time when life was more formal. A hundred and fifty years ago, people didn't lie around with their laptop." he says with a smile.  As Farrell notes, "brownstone owners need to be committed to the love of brownstone and all the structural issues that it involves."  
For Farrell, the design process starts with interviewing his clients to understand their needs, expectations, as well as their budget.   Rather than tell his clients how to live their lives, he  strives to create something personal and unique that works for their lifestyle.  "It's really about how you live in a place.  It can be a fussy Brooklyn Heights interior or an open loft. It has to feel right." he explains.
Farrell, who was raised on Long Island, found his way to Brooklyn via Pratt Institute, where he earned a Bachelor of Architecture degree. He describes his time there as an amazing experience. After graduating, he left Brooklyn to work in Manhattan, but moved back to Brooklyn and into his Carroll Gardens apartment (with a garden) about 16 years ago.   He founded his design firm in 2004 and has since worked on many Brownstone projects, both small and large.  His work easily reflects his passion for art, architecture and history.
To learn more about Robert Farrell and his work, click here.

Robert B.Farrell, LTD.
Residential Architecture and Interior Design
917 482 8432

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question for robert: what does your vanity license plate mean? i see that beautiful old benz parked in the hood all the time, and i cannot decipher EDWBAS.