Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Smith-N-9 Pizza To Replace Il Cantuccio On Smith Street

First, the storefront of the relatively new (and ugly) Bricolage-designed building at 478 Smith Street at the corner of 9th Street was home to an Uncle Louie G's. Then in early 2010, Il Cantuccio, an Italian pizza place moved in. Local residents seemed excited at first to have another food option at this corner, but the place never seemed to do much business. Recently, the doors were padlocked, but Cantuccio apparently continued to deliver pizza for take-out orders.
In November, a reviewer on Yelp was wondering what was up with the place. She wrote:
"Umm, pretty sure they're making pizza out of their home. I called to order for PICK UP, and when I went by, the place was dead dark and chained closed. I called to figure out what on earth was going on (was this place run by a bunch of Italian ghosts??) when the guy answered and shouted at me because he would DELIVER the pizza. He said the store is being "worked on" and then muttered some unintelligible nonsense about "somewhere else." I really, really wouldn't order from them. No idea how their pizza tastes, but don't trust this "being worked on" business. Also, they quoted me $12 per large pie, which I thought was an awfully good deal. Now I think it's too good."
Along with being 'worked on," the pizzeria seems to be getting a name change. New signs in the window announce that "Smith-N-9 Pizza and Pita" will be opening there soon.

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Anonymous said...

The Louie G was not in the same space as the pizzeria. It was further in on 9th where the barber shop took over.