Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fork + Pencil: A Small Boutique On Court Street With A Huge Warehouse On Bergen Street

Fork + Pencil at 221a Court Street
Fork + Pencil Warehouse at 18 Bergen Street
You are probably familiar with Fork + Pencil, the small antiques/consignment boutique at the corner of Court and Warren Streets in Cobble Hill, with its wonderful assortment of unique decorative items, antique jewelry, a carefully curated book selection, and imaginative toys for kids. Since 2009, owners Alex Grabcheski and Tally Blumberg have been donating the proceeds of the business, after costs, to local public schools and selected charities, which include Council on the Environment of New York City and Rooftop Films.
You may be less familiar with Fork + Pencil's Warehouse just down the block at 18 Bergen Street. It's a treasure trove of larger antiques pieces spread out over two floors.  But even here, amidst the armoires, chests and bookcases,  one can find lovely smaller pieces of silverware, stemware and china.  And if you are a collector of slightly more eclectic items, you probably will find something to your liking here as well.
With new items coming in all the time, it's very tempting to stop by often. Knowing that the proceeds will go to good causes makes the temptation even sweeter.

Fork + Pencil
221a Court Street  Brooklyn

Fork + Pencil Warehouse
18 Bergen Street Brooklyn
open Wednesday - Sunday 11 - 7


vintagejames said...

Their prices are very, very steep.

Anonymous said...

Yes Vintage James they are outlandishly expensive for a consignment style shop. The warehouse does have great things. They are EBay Aware so I assume that is where they start. I love what they have, anyway. But prefer scooping up stuff at Yeaterdays News or Film Biz Recyling Prop House/ on Preaident. They have barely used stuff from films and TV shows. Cool.

vintagejames said...

The Prop Shop is our favorite. Got some outstanding stuff there, including a midcentury style sofa and two matching chairs for $600. Now about those claws on the cat who destroyed the other furniture!

Anonymous said...

Now now. Please dont do anything to the cat!!
Just get those cardboard scratchy things. Please.
Just stop buying upholstered pieces!