Wednesday, February 15, 2012

'Olga's On Smith' Now Defunct On Smith

I was not aware that Olga's, the Kosher/vegan restaurant at 407 Smith Street had closed until I was alerted to the fact by my friend Tony. Apparently, the eatery has not been open for business since the beginning of the year.
Olga's opened in May 2009 and its menu offered simple kosher, vegan, and vegetarian options at a reasonable price. It was positively reviewed by PMFA reader Manny Simone shortly after.
Perhaps its location between 3rd Street and 4th Street was a bit too removed from the rest of Smith Street's Restaurant Row to attract foot traffic, but Olga's delivered.

Had you ever eaten there? Will you miss it?


Anonymous said...

i liked the sandwiches here a lot, but like katia, i hadn't even realized that olga's had closed. the prices were a little high and the eatery wasn't on my regular route, so i never made a special trip here.

Anonymous said...

When I think of the rents that stores and restaurants have to pay, I think about what a huge mark-up the consumer gets passed, and consumers, especially these days, are watching their wallets more. I passed by that new burger place on Smith yesterday - I don't see how it will make it.

Martin Rowe said...

I went to Olga's quite a bit and enjoyed the vegan paninis and the soups. I'll miss it. Olga told me she was exhausted. It's incredibly hard work running a restaurant.

jackie from designsmitten said...

pretty bad location....i ate from there once and it wasn't great. i always wondered what the draw for kosher would be.

Anonymous said...

I am vegetarian and used to eat there when I met my kosher friend for lunch. The food was great, healthy and cheap, now we go to Wild Ginger.
She had told us that she was closing up shop and it was at the same time that Bernard was calling it quits but for different reasons,I miss them both.
It was on a remote stretch at the end of the line. noby is passing by at that point.

Anonymous said...

the "Kosher draw" obviously was the proximity to the Hannah Senesh School.

billie said...

My friends and I thought every single thing we ate on the few occasions we were there was absolutely delicious. Some of us keep kosher and some of us are vegetarian. We are sad and sorry to see the restaurant close,and that Olga, a personable young woman, could not make it.