Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Goldy + Mac: Another Trendy Clothing Boutique For Court Street

Late last week, Goldy + Mac opened its doors at 195 Court Street, joining the ever growing number of small trendy women's clothing boutique in the neighborhood.
Goldy + Mac's owners, Ashley Gold and Susan McInerney, already operate a boutiques on 7th Avenue and one on 5th Avenue in Park Slope, as well as a sister store in Greenport.
For the moment, the Court Street store carries a small selection of clothing by such companies as BCBG and Suzi Chin, but more pieces will be added soon. The boutique also features a small but fun selection of handbags, jewelry, scarves and other accessories.

Prior to Goldy + Mac, this retail space was the home of Bococa Café.

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Anonymous said...

These stores are so "trendy" that they can't even put up a sign that would let shoppers know their name. I guess like all the other "new & trendy" stores, they don't expect to be open too long, just long enough to sell their over-priced items and make a quick profit.

Anonymous said...

I wish any store well. I just don;t see how the numbers work when you have a huge rent bill for a tiny place that can only carry so much merch. What does the mark-up have to be to make this a viable endeavor? plus personnel, etc. Good luck. Really, I mean it.

Anonymous said...

Trust funds? Look. That is how they make it work, By having multiple locations and or
Investors or this is hobby / business that they can afford to do based on whatever business loans or cash or simply profits they may have. Regardless, selling what is essentially vanity items in this economy is a gamble. But based on their confidence in opening a 4th store people must be spending. . Long live the small boutique.