Monday, April 23, 2012

Meet Samir, The New Owner Of "Court Street Pet Food"

Samir Omer, Court Street Pet Food Owner
'Brownstone Pet Store' at 372 Court Street, between Carroll and President Streets, has undergone a few changes of late.  About three weeks ago,  new owner Samir Omeer took over the store, changed its name to 'Court Street Pet Food' and is currently re-organizing the space in order to be able to carry more items.
Below is a review of the new store by Celina.
I adopted my cat Fritz two years ago from the Humane Society.  He's a funny little fellow who drags his toys around and enjoys to be fed yogurt off of a spoon.  Needless to say, as a fairly new cat owner, I was determined to spoil Fritz rotten by buying him the choicest stuffed mice and the crunchiest treats. But when I moved back to Carroll Gardens I was disappointed to find out that my options were limited.  The closest pet store was the dusty selection on Court st, between Carroll and President. I would often pick up Fritz's food in the city just to avoid a trip to this small aisled, overstuffed store.  However, today I found myself desperate.  Nearly Monday and Fritz had no food left! I walked over to Court to pick up some cat food and was surprised to find a big sign in the window declaring the store was now "under new management". I walked into the somehow brighter store, finding that half of the shelving had been removed to create larger aisles and more navigable shelves. I quickly found the salmon MaxCat and introduced myself to Samir, the welcoming new owner of the store. He assured me that the store would not only be adding to the preexisting inventory but would also fill pet prescriptions now. And in June, they hope to hold adoption events in the back of the store. Plus, for those of us who work late, they plan to be open until 9pm!If you've been trekking to the Pet Smart on Atlantic or the Beastly Bite on Bergen, I would suggest you pay Samir a visit.  Celina
And below is a very happy Fritz



casandra said...

oh yeah, and get ready for the higher prices too!

Anonymous said...

Dear Fritz,welcome to the neighbourhood. The neighbourhood is filled with lovely bodega cats (Smokey, Valentino etc) so I'm sure you'll be very happy.

Anonymous said...

I just hope that the new owner also kept the store's cat!!!
This would be a total disservice if this cat has been taken away or sent to a kill shelter. I liked the other owners but saw a decline of late. Please new owner, I hope you kept the store cat.

Anonymous said...

Best pet store in the hood is 'love thy pet' on union and hicks. lovely owners with a great selection of food toys etc...they are also very involved in pet adoptions and other fund raising events.

Anonymous said...

Ever since the old pet food store changed new management, I've been going there ever since. Samir is an absoulutely great owner and gives us customers great service. The prices are extremely fair and a very nice guy. I give my fair most recommendation to Court Street Pet Food.

Anonymous said...

Love the new place! Love the new owners!! Super nice,so much cleaner then the old place that use to be there. Great prices, the new owners know what there doing and they love animals.. i rate this store the best in the neighborhood :) !!
Amanda cohen.