Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sadie's Kitchen On DeGraw Street Closed for Remodeling?

Reader Ariane alerted me to the fact that Sadie's Kitchen, the small but very cute 1950's style diner at 243 De Graw Street is currently closed.  A sign on the window indicates that the closure is for 'spring remodeling', but there doesn't seem to be any work currently underway and the eatery only opened in November of last year.
"Doesn't sound too promising" Ariane writes.
I tried calling calling Sadie's  for more information but none picked up.
Does anyone know what the deal is?


john said...

They had a sign up a week or so ago saying they were closed due to problems with their utilities.

I haven't tried that place yet, but I would like to. Hope all works out for them.

I do miss Chicory, that formerly inhabited that spot. And the hot dog place... Maybe that location is just cursed?

csk said...

we'll see... i live right around the corner from them, and it's rare that there are people there whenever i pass by.

part of the problem may be that they only have take-out plates, regardless of whether you eat in or have it to go... it's odd eating out of tin foil packaging - so maybe that's an indicator of a lack of facilities in the kitchen? don't know.

beyond that, the reviews on blogs and services like yelp have not been exceptionally kind.

Anonymous said...

Bet they are fixing something in the kitchen- the lights are still on at night and there is "Grade Pending" sign in the front window...thats my guess

Anonymous said...

I might believe it if they hadn't just reduced their hours a couple months ago. I never tried it because their menu was too complicated. 10 different types of Mac n Cheese, but no plain?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I worry too. There food is GREAT! but they always screwed something up in my order. Lots of letters jammed in the door and there are still biscuits in a bin on the counter. Weird.

Anonymous said...

My girlfriend and I stopped by the other day and were disappointed to see it closed. Hopefully they will reopen soon!

Anonymous said...

Place was not very good, went in and ordered for take out, they told me it would be 15 minutes, 45 minutes later still no food. Whole thing took an hour and 15 minutes and they gave me nothing, no discount, no coffee/drink while you wait. Hope they move out and something good comes in.