Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What's Up With Carroll Gardens Poll Site Switcheroo?

For the last few decades, one of Carroll Gardens' main poll sites has been Public School 58's gymnasium.  So, when a "Poll Site Change Notice"arrived in the mail from the Board of Elections that this site had been changed to Hannah Senesh Community Day School, a private school one block away at 342 Smith Street, I was a bit surprised.  So were others who had gotten the same notice.
Even more surprising was the fact that just a week or two later, a "Revised Poll Site Change Notice" was sent out.  This time,  the Board of Elections alerted to the fact that the site had been changed back to PS 58.

Why was the polling place changed in the first place? Was it a typo?  I tried to call the Board of Elections, but after a lengthy 10 minute recorded message, I gave up on speaking to a representative.
Does anyone know? Did you get the same two notices in the mail?

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