Thursday, June 07, 2012

'Area Kicks And Cuts' Will Offer Children's Shoes And Hair Cuts On Smith Street

Area, the Brooklyn mini chain of yoga studios, spas, as well as kids clothing and toy stores is expanding.  Loretta Gendville will be opening a children's footwear and hair cutting place called "Area Kicks & Cuts"  at 274 Smith Street on July 1st.
The storefront was occupied most recently by The Green Onion, which closed in March.
A children's shoe store sounds like a great idea, especially since Peek-A -Boo  recently closed on Court Street.
According to the sign in the window, a similar Area shoe store/haircutting place is also opening at 335 5th Avenue.


Anonymous said...

The Area Empire knows no bounds. What's next? Babyccinos? No wonder Brooklyn is #2 on the poll of cities that have the most spoiled children.

Anonymous said...

I would have thought Brooklyn to be #1 in the spoiled children contest. What city is #1?

Anonymous said...

Why not just merge Area Spa w Area kids ? Oh. That already exists. That Baby Yoga place. ;)
Look all is good I just don't get how those area stores can have so many locations and pay so many rents just selling stuff.

Anonymous said...

more Area point of view, blah.

Anonymous said...

How about Area Educate Entitled Parents with Strollers to Behave Respectfully?

Jodi said...

I know, right??

I totally hate it when local people invest in their communities and support their public schools through their businesses. Area does both all the time! Who do they think they are? Opening ANOTHER one? Success should be limited to businesses like Toys R Us. Not these dumb independently owned shops.