Thursday, June 07, 2012

Opossum Rearing Young'Uns In Carroll Gardens


There have been numerous sightings of opossums in Carroll Gardens in the last few years, but today, I caught sight of a mother and one of her little ones.  She was standing on the gated steps of an apartment building on Clinton Street near Union Street.  Another passer-by said he had seen a few babies, but I only saw one hanging onto her fur.
I know opossums  aren't the most cuddly features, but how cute is this?


Anonymous said...

Adorable!. They are great for the environment. They eat snails, slugs, mice and fallen fruit. They really clean up. Plus they're the only marsupials in N. America

jackie said...

we've had a possum hanging out in our yard (nelson st/clinton st)just about every night rummaging around for the past year. it even came up as far as our back door and didnt freak out or leave when i was standing 2 feet away from it. it was kind of cute!
now that i know they are harmless and just look kind of evil with that ratty tail i'm cool with him hanging in our gorgeous backyard.

Kristin Bradfield said...

Super cute! I'd love to have one in my backyard.

Anonymous said...

Hmm. Don't get too close. Rabies. That calm backyard behavior could mean illness. This is an amazing photo nonetheless. Like the raccoon invasion in Park Slope. Pets should also be kept away. I wonder where they are coming from and how did it cross the street without being hit by a car?!

Anonymous said...
Hopefully no one will try and poison her.
Above is link about opossums and how they do not
Always carry disease.

kg said...

I saw a fully light gray opossum, but no pups, scavenging at 505 clinton street, near 4th place.

Anonymous said...

I saw this opossum out crawling around the library courtyard. Aren't they nocturnal? It seems odd that it's out during the day...

Chris said...

Yes, they are nocturnal.
Mama opossums work the hardest!
Opossums do NOT carry rabies and they are highly resistant to snake bites (not that they are going to find one in Carroll Gardens). They are not fast, nor attack you or your pet, they are the #1 misunderstood creature of this nature of ours.
My children and I raised infant orphan opossums, whose mommy was killed by a neighbor's dog. After they were big enough, they were soft-released at a wildlife sanctuary.
Their only defense is to look dangerous, showing their 50 teeth and drooling. And if non of the above works, they pretend to be dead, as it will became uninteresting to predators.
Opossums are very vulnerable to human ignorance.

PS: They were here first. we messed up with their habitat.

BTW they LOVE blueberries!