Thursday, June 07, 2012

Carroll Gardens Library Temporarily Closing For Roof Repair From On June 16th

The Carroll Gardens Library will be temporarily close for roof repair starting on June 16th.  In preparation for the work, scaffolding is currently being put up.
During the time the library will be closed, you can visit and return books to nearby  branches listed below.

*Brooklyn Heights Library
280 Cadman Plaza

*Pacific Library
25 Fourth Avenue

*Red Hook Library
7 Wolcott Avenue

No word yet on how long the work will take.  Stay tuned.


Andrew said...

i received an email from the library--i have books on hold--stating, "We anticipate the library being closed for approximately two months for roof replacement." so it'll likely open in 3-4 months.

Katia said...

That's probably a safe bet, Andrew.

Anonymous said...

Two months. Ludicrous. It's a week's job max. Pay for scaffold for duration. Deprive citizen's of an asset for duration. Why not replace the roof when they fixed the facade a few years age? Do the librarians get paid in the interim to not work or are they reassigned?

Mariam Freame said...

Why did they repair the roof? Is the roof leaking, or did the directors of the library decide to replace the roof completely? It's a good thing, though. These public places should always look fresh and new, so the people in the community would be encourage to visit them.