Wednesday, June 27, 2012

From One Indian Restaurant To Another: "Raga" On Smith Street Turns Into "Brick Lane"

Raga, the Indian restaurant at 142 Smith Street, seems to have been replaced by Brick Lane, another Indian eatery.  Though a banner announces the 'grand opening', perhaps this is just a new name for the same business. After all, the telephone number remains the same and the menu seems to be almost identical The prices, however, have gone up.

To follow up, I recently got an email from Nitin Kaushik, Attorney-at-Law, stating:
"I am an intellectual property attorney, and I represent my client Brick Lane Curry House.I am writing to you about the June 27, 2012 post of yours available at In your post you have included information regarding a Brick Lane restaurant in Brooklyn. I wish to bring to your attention that this restaurant in no way related to my client Brick Lane Curry House. It is an imposter trying to dilute my client’s reputation."


mikelite said...

Ooh, I hope the awkward service & deafening silence is still there!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully it is an offshoot of the Brick Lane Curry House in the East Village. That place is excellent.

Erik said...

does anyone know if this is related to the amazing Brick Lane Curry House in the East Village?

Anonymous said...

No way it's related to Brick Lane. The sign is tacky as anything and it says "exotic" on the awning. That's the giveaway that it will be middling at best.

Mark said...

I picked up a copy of their menu. I also checked the Brick Lane Curry House website. There's clearly no relation.

Anonymous said...

They need to change the Chef, the poor management, the staff and the silly decor they have if they want to do well in this hood.

Made the mistake of going there once, waiter did not know anything on the menu and when asked what the lunch special was he went over to the window and started reading the specials... food was terrible, service was awkward..

I hope they are changing everything

Ritesh Patel said...

Hey chaps...I run a curry club that meets at the Brick Lane on 6th street once a month, and I can tell you that THIS IS NOT IN ANYWAY related to that place. This is a cheap knock off and the owners should be ashamed of themselves. What Chutzpa ! Amazing. Only in NYC.

Again, this place is awful and is NOT related o the Brick Lane folks. I popped in myself and was stunned.