Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Best Comment Of The Day: Why Can't Carroll Gardens Have An Al Di La?

Anonymous has left the following comment on the post "Ciro's, Smith Street's Newest Italian Eatery, Now Open":
"Ugh. I live around the corner; just moved back to CG after a few years in Park Slope. Was looking forward to what I remembered as great food but now I can't figure out what's going on around here: South Slope opens spot-on restaurant after amazing spot, and Vanderbilt is now well into an impressive hit list. Don't get me started on the investment and creativity in Williamsburg and recently Bushwick.

Now Ciros? The sausage may be real in the window, but why can't we have Al Di La instead of this slapdash nonsense? Where's the style, restraint, and frankly the personal touch that EVERY OTHER NEIGHBORHOOD IN BROOKLYN churns out so seemingly effortlessly?

Anyway, if the food here is 1/2 as good as Al Di La's, I'd love to say i'll be a regular. But this decor is terrible. (Maybe it's an homage to the old neighborhood. Marco Polo II anyone?)
I wish they'd let this guy have his Oyster Bar. We need the variety. sigh. At least we have the Ramen Shop going in up the street.
I hope restauranteurs are reading this. CG looks saturated, but there's a huge need for simple, delicious restaurants."


bored at work said...

These restaurants are here, but they signed leases long ago, were smart enough to buy their building or are in small spaces without huge rents. See The Grocery, Saul (owner of The Vanderbilt), Battersby, La Verra (Cobble Hill, but still) and others.

Ciro's is the work of Jim Mammary, the brains behind such spectacular culinary haunts like Pacifico (faux Mexican), the fake old-style pizza next door. I think the goal is probably to get some of the tourist trade walking down Smith looking for "real" Italian. Let's hope its good.

Little Earthquake said...

Move back to Park Slope if you like it better there.

I love Carroll Gardens; I don't want it turning into Park Slope, Wmsburg or Bushwick. The "old neighborhood" you refer to still exists by the way. Take a walk down Court Street and you'll hear Italian spoken by plenty of locals.

As for this restaurant, I'll judge it after I eat there. I don't get why people are so eager to nitpick when they haven't even tried the food or service. But then again how can you really put stock in a comment that uses inane words like "Ugh" and "Sigh."

CG lover said...

I have no problem getting access to delicious foods in CG, but I am going to keep my mouth shut about where I go. I hate scenes. I do a lot of cooking at home, and we have the best places to buy veggies, meats, and fish. Take-out and eat-in Italian - so many choices. And great Thai, middle Eastern, American. Yes, I like Al-do-la - but that food is RICH and maybe for once in a while. It is also expensive.

Anonymous said...

so it is a 10 minute walk over the canal to al di la which is nothing compared to the 40 minute wait for a table there.
you really sound pretentious.