Monday, June 11, 2012

Mc Donald's Films Commercial On Smith Street


McDonald's was filming a commercial here in Carroll Gardens today.
Over the week-end,  'no parking' notices had been posted on Smith Street from 4th Place to around DeGraw Street and on several side streets.
This afternoon, there only seemed to be some filming activity at the corner of Smith and 3rd Streets.
I might have missed it, but was there more filming activity in the morning that would have warranted the elimination of all that parking today?


Anonymous said...

When I left the park today at 5, there was a bit of activity on President and Smith Streets. Not enough to warrant the street being closed to parking all day. Certainly not enough to warrant the shut down of parking in all the places you mentioned!! At 1:30 Carroll Street was quiet - did any filming happen there at all?

Chicken Underwear said...

I saw those cones.

I assumed Mc Donald's was the name of a film

I could a been wrong.

Katia said...

No, it was definitely McDo. One of my readers reported seeing some actors with the unmistakable red french fry containers.