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Monday, June 25, 2012

Starting Tonight Till July 8th: Smith Street Stage Brings Shakespeare's 'Twelfth Night' To Carroll Park

Photo Credit: Chris Montgomery

Two week run of
Shakespeare's Twelfth Night 
Starting in Carroll Park tonight.

For the last two summers,  Smith Street Stage, a theatre group based in Carroll Gardens, brought Shakespeare to Carroll Park, presenting 'Romeo and Juliet' in 2010 and 'Macbeth' in 2011.
This summer, the group is bringing the magic back with 'Twelfth Night'.  The performances are entirely  free.  The event is partly sponsored by Friends  Of Carroll Park.
Mark your calendar so you won't miss it.

Twelfth Night in Carroll Park
June 25th - July 8th 7:00 p.m.
(No Wednesday Performances)
Free. Bring Your Own Seating

For more information click here and here. You can follow Smith Street Stage on Facebook here.

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James said...

Is it terrible that I'm already slightly annoyed by the costume choices?