Thursday, October 11, 2012

Best Comment Of The Day: Shame, Shame, Shame

Agnes has left the following comment on the post: "Less Than A Stellar Moment For Community Board 6 As Members Reject Own Land Use Committee's Recommendation And Votes To Conditionally Approve Lightstone Gowanus Project":
"It ain't over. The community against this project is galvanized - as demonstrated by huge attendance numbers at mtgs. and the petition which now almost has 500 names. I think there should be full disclosure by CB 6 members who are connected to vested interest in this kind of Gowanus development. It was a very confusing night - attendees were confused what the resolution voted on was - I am sure not all CB6 members were clear as well. Shame shame shame for not having organized this in a more respectful way for the community, CB 6."

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