Thursday, October 11, 2012

Get Ready For Mazzone's Yearly Pumpkin Fest. It's This Saturday

Once again, Mazzone's Hardware is throwing its yearly super fun Pumpkin Fest and if you have kids, you need to be there.  The event is being held on Saturday, October 13th from 10 Am to 4 Pm on 4th Place between Court and Clinton Streets.
There will be clowns, face painting, food and of course, plenty of pumpkins to carve and to take home.


Anonymous said...

Last year I recall some local pols setting up shop at the festival. This might be a good chance to voice against the homeless shelter that would be located right around that very area where the festival takes place. What a shame. Could you imagine the bums trolling around that fair with little children around?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous - very nasty comment! They are people and should be respected as such. You never know what your fate will be in the future. Name calling is not tolerated even in the school yards any longer. Kathleen

Anonymous said...

Very well said Kathleen. There are many decent people in shelters that just made some bad choices or just had unfortunate circumstances. Not everyone is on drugs or alcohol. However, a shelter in the middle of a fine neighborhood cannot be good for anything regarding the neighborhood. Plainly, it is not the place to have it. Back to the pumpkins, is there a charge for the event?

Katia said...

No charge for the pumpkin fest. But you will have to buy the pumpkins.

Jeff Somogyi said...

But what about the building decorations? Aren't they normally up by now?

Where's the giant spider?!