Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Update: Gowanus Waters Rising Further

5 PM during Hurricane Sandy
Gowanus Canal at Second Street
photo credit: Triada Samaras

My good friend Triada Samaras ventured out into the storm at around 5 PM to take more photos of the flooding around the Gowanus Canal since daylight will not be available during the next high tide at 5 PM.
It sure looks as though the water has risen considerably since noontime.
Thanks, Triada.  You are one gutsy lady.
Stay safe everyone.


triada said...

Not my most logical move, Katia, but I HAD to see it for myself! There is no doubt in my mind it is worsening as I write. And all that toxic soup is sitting on the ground now, and obviously seeping into it. Triada

Katia said...

It may have been logical, but thanks for documenting the flooding. I wonder what it will look like tomorrow morning.

Anonymous said...

Out my window I see that Sackett Street is flooded all the way up to Bond - and high tide is still to come. Winds are whipping fiercely. People should stay in -this is not a time to go out and take pictures. I just heard about a person's window that blew out.

fred said...

With this wind, all the Gowanus crap will spray around in the neighborhood making a nice decoration for Halloween.

triada said...

The Battery water surge level is historic tonite Katia: over 11 feet if I just heard the TV right. Way worse than Irene.

Katia said...

I just saw that on the Weather Channel. And this is not even the worst.
This is exactly what scientists have been warning for years now.

Anonymous said...

2nd is totally flooded up to Bond, at least. Houses at corner of 2nd and Bond definitely affected. It's even worse on 3rd Street at Bond. The water was starting to rush up the hill, as of around 8 PM.

Heather H. said...

I agree the scientists have been warning us since ages. Still a big disaster!