Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy: Video Of The Carroll Street Bridge And Gowanus Canal The Morning After

Here is a video clip of the Gowanus Canal and the Carroll Street bridge the morning after Hurricane Sandy thanks to friend and fellow Carroll Gardener Jeff Peltz.
Notice the oil slick on the water and the jogger...I hope he takes his shoes off when he gets home.
And I will point out one more time that this is exactly the spot where Lightstone Group expects to build a 700-unit rental building.  As a matter of fact, NYC Planning has already rezoned the spot to allow housing.


cyberdavid said...

Omg..this is terrible.

fred said...

Not certain that this oil is a consequence of Sandy.
Cleaning the canal will be useless as long as companies such as Bayside Fuel Depot continue their irresponsible practices.

Timothy Reed said...

Post-Sandy Red Hook streets were covered in oil, due to water getting into basements and flooding oil boilers.