Tuesday, October 16, 2012

UPDATE On Proposed Carroll Gardens Homeless Shelter

graphic by Jeff Anzulewicz at adesigndesk.com

The proposed homeless shelter at 165 West 9th Street between Court Street and Hamilton Avenue continues to generate much discussion amongst residents in Carroll Gardens.  Just last week,  the community learned that Housing Solutions USA/Aguila Inc. the Bronx-based non-profit company, intended to submit a proposal to the Department of Homeless Services to house 170 single adults in the ten unit condo building.  This is being authorized under an “emergency contract” rule, which only requires 30 days community notice. There was no formal opportunity for public input, or the full City Council, and no vote.

Andrew Rice at Capital News wrote a very comprehensive article on the proposal and on Housing Solutions USA/ Aguila Inc..  Please take the time to read it.
You can access it here:
A new Carroll Gardens homeless shelter built on old relationships

Also, Community Board 6 will be hosting community meeting on October 24th, 6:30PM at P.S.58The Carroll School Auditorium 330 Smith Street, btn 1st Place & Carroll Street.

There is now a website from a newly formed Coalition For Carroll Gardens that can be accessed for the latest on this issue. Click here to access.
The Coalition also has its own Facebook Page here.
In addition, there is a petition being circulated. If you would like to sign, click here.

To download the flier above, click here.

Stay tuned for more news.


Anonymous said...

This news story paints such a picture of the reality of that part of our neighborhood as it is, no one can persuade me that putting 170 homeless men into a 10 unit apartment complex there is a good idea.


Cobble Hillbilly said...

Katia, thanks for being all over this story. Please keep it up, this is important stuff.

Anonymous said...

i wonder...is someone from the 76th precinct going to be at this meeting? I'd love to hear how they're going to step up and make sure that everyone is safe in this scenario. instead of writing tickets for bicycling on the sidewalk and similar ridiculous-ness, this may give them lots to do!

katia thanks for keeping us all informed!

Anonymous said...

Cuomo, AG, Feds: investigation is demanded!

It is already a fait accompi - see link to done deal and the terror it has brought to the upper West Side already.
This is next and Hess and his henchmen are not done yet.


Anonymous said...

There seems to be some fundamental miss-information in the letter that says the building has a C of O. DOB records show that a “Temporary C of O” expired Nov 2010. (http://a810-cofo.nyc.gov/cofo/B/301/184000/301184518-01.PDF)

It doesn't appear that this building ever received a valid C of O. In Aug 2010 DOB's Tom Fariello issues a “Temporary C of O” for 10 unit building with commercial and medical facility located in cellar, basement, 1st floor and mezzanine. That C of O expired in Nov 2010.

DOB records show this is a Robert Scarano self-certified project that went through an audit because it wasn't built to plans.

Could it be that the developer, unable to get a real C of O for the intended use, was able to pull strings to get a city agency to contract for use of an otherwise unusable building? Is this new use as a men's homeless shelter the city's way of bailing out a developer who didn't build according to regulations?

Is the community being asked to pay, in a big way, for a developers mess-up? Just when and how did the city come to the decision to place this shelter in this building?

Anonymous said...

A Scarano building??? That "architect" already has made quite a name for himself here in CG and elsewhere! Just see the mess with 360 Smith Street (the new building over the F train/Carroll St Station, the revoking of his license, and a dead workman on his job for starters. Even then Councilman Bill Deblasio (now wannabe future mayor) was kind of/sort of involved with scolding him a few years ago. A scumbag of the highest type and Very intimidating to others as well.

Googling Scarano or investigating his oft changing Wikipedia page should give you LOTS of info.

Anonymous said...

Can you also write a follow-up article on the illegal Cert. of Occupancy?

The lot-line windows can not count as light & air for legal bedrooms. DOB should conduct an audit on the building to ensure zoning compliance.

FDNY can not access those windows in the event of fire.